Youth WORK in Trades

What is ‘WORK’?

The Youth in WORK program is a partnership between ITA and the BC Ministry of Education. WORK lets students begin the work-based training component of an apprenticeship program while still in high school. Students ‘earn while they learn’ getting dual credits toward both their high school diploma and apprenticeship on-the-job training.

WORK provides a smoother transition from school to work and a quicker route to trade certification and a paycheck.

How does it work?

Secondary School Apprentices are on the job with a sponsor employer as a registered youth apprentice. WORK students complete up to 480 hours of work experience that counts toward their apprenticeship and 16 graduation credits.

To be eligible for WORK, students must be attending high school and under the age of 20 at program completion and finish the program within three months after graduation.

Youth apprentices in this program must, like other apprentices, start by getting a job. This means they must find an employer who will hire them as an apprentice and commit to their training as a sponsor.


Youth Work in Trades Application Packages Available

Please drop by your Career Centre to connect with staff to get you started.