Parkview Elementary Hosts Final K-8 Pilot Lesson

Over 30 students from Arwen Holmlund’s Kindergarten and Katie Dawson’s K-1 classes did some career exploration in Sicamous on Tuesday.

Parkview Students are hoping to answer questions asked by the guest presenters

The students joined the presenters virtually to carry on the BC Education Ministry Pilot program which began two weeks ago. School District 83, the Ministry and the U.K. non-profit charitable organization Education and Employers, are working together to breakdown gender roles in the work world. The project is seeking to raise children’s aspirations and broaden their horizons by connecting grade schools with inspiring, relatable role models from the world of work.

The five and six year old’s played “Guess My Career”, where students ask a question and the guest could only respond with “Yes” or “No” answers. One of the workers in the three-member panel was Lisa, a BC School District Electrician.

Fiona asks a question to Lisa the Electrician in the question and answer segment.

The pilot is taking place in a few other BC districts. A review of the program will take place before Spring Break. For those wanting to learn more about the program and about any other programs in careers, they can contact SD 83 Career Education Coordinator George Richard at 778-824-1188, email or simply contact the Career Coordinator at your neighbourhood high school.

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