SMS & OK College Salmon Arm Event a Smashing Success

What happens when you combine learning about pond scum, conductivity, frequency, the human condition, and double ball with 600 pieces of pizza and yard games? As it turns out, it was a fun morning for all at Okanagan College Salmon Arm.

Over 200 Grade 8 Shuswap Middle School (SMS) students descended upon the local college to partake in the SD83 Careers event. At least 20 students in a group were rotated around 10 interactive site offered as part of the experience. Activities included but were not limited to: examining pond water under a microscope, discovering the conductivity of salt water, measuring and calculating sound in an underwater tube, playing an indigenous stick game called double ball, and determining primary behaviour within themselves. Students also had an opportunity to learn more about the different trades offered at the college, library and student support services among other activities.

SMS Principal Scott Anderson says he was pleased how the event went. “Our Grade 8 students had a wonderful and engaging morning. They got a glimpse at what post secondary education is, career possibilities and had great presentations from a very passionate OC staff.”

OC Human Service Worker Instructor Karmen Krahn picks up hitchhikers in a primary behaviour exercise called “Contagion”.
Cohen Roy (left) is stirring the salt water while Ethan Smallenberg (right) just looks up from examining the conductivity measurements on his device.
Igor Blaginin (left) is examining a water sample under his microscope while Christina Pineda (right) takes more pond sediment for future examination.
Olivia Maybee (right) looks on while her partner, Gemma Green (left) puts a tuning fork above a tube to try and measure for sound waves.
An SMS student tries to take a slot at the basket (white disk in air) as they learn the rules of the indigenous game “Double Ball”.

This event between SD83 Careers, SMS and OC Salmon Arm was a pilot program. The hope is to expand the program to include all grade 8 students from the north end of the district to also participate in the event next year. If you have any ideas for events you would like our students to be exposed to, please don’t hesitate to contact George Richard via text or phone at 778-824-1188 or email

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