SAS Grads Rope In SD 83 Students for Rapattack Careers

Two Salmon Arm Secondary Grads showed the ropes to 15 SAS-Jackson Students this week at the Salmon Arm Rapattack Centre.

Leah Nash ands Maggie Beckner were able to demonstrate their jobs to the Grade 10 students. The university-attending rapattackers showed off the helicopter they repel from, the tower they train from, the ropes they work with and the cabins they sleep in, among other things.

SAS Grad and Rapattacker Leah Nash demonstrates to SAS-Jackson students how she would repel down from a helicopter to help battle a forest fire.
SAS Grad and Rapattacker Maggie Beckner shows off a “Bird’s Nest Coil” of rope to students and why it’s important to document when, how often and who uses the rope for various exercises and events.

Both Nash and Beckner are products of the Junior Rapattack program. District students can apply for the program as early as Grade 11. It is competitive entry, so only two students are taken per year. However, students can re-apply for the program if they don’t get in the first time.

Both Nash and Beckner are grateful for all the skills they have learned in the program and how it has been a reliable summer job for them during university. Nash is currently enrolled in the Natural Resources Program at Thomson Rivers University and is considering a future career in Forestry, possibly through BC Fire Services. Beckner started her post-secondary locally at Okanagan College before heading to UBC Vancouver. She is contemplating careers or directions in clinical psychology or medicine at this point.

If you wish to learn more about the Junior Rapattack Program, please contact SAS Career Coordinator John Quilty. If you wish to let us know about interesting career paths or opportunities for students, please contact George Richard at or phone or text 778-824-1188.

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