SMS Students Learn about Actuary Sciences

Nearly 200 Grade 8 students have participated in a learning session this week on the power of Math to solve societal questions.

SD 83 Careers teamed up with the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) to offer the 45 minute session to Shuswap Middle School students. An Actuary is a person who applies mathematics, statistics, probability and risk theory to assess potential financial impacts of future events. Actuaries have traditionally and extensively been used in the insurance industry but are now being employed by universities, governments, bank and trust companies, professional associations, and science and engineering consulting firms.

Grade 8 students Katy Calkins (left) and Ella Angel (right) brainstorm what future work/life qualities they would wish in a future job in Roni Wocknitz’ Immersion class.

During the session, students worked in teams and were given the scenario that their team owned an ice cream stand. The team had to figure out what things could go wrong in the operation of their business. They also brainstormed about what work/life qualities they would like to have for their future careers.

Grade 8 Teacher Danielle Brunwald shares with the virtual session student answers on managing risks of owning an Ice Cream stand.

This is one of the first times the national institute has worked with students in raising awareness of its profession and the CIA and SD 83 Careers will carry on with the pilot program next fall. A session will be held for any district Grade 10-12 student interested in a career involving Math or being an actuary. If you would wish further information, you are welcome to contact George Richard at 778-824-1188 or email

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